expand, liberate, open, move + nourish.



open your mind. expand your consciousness. tune into heart.


The Untethered Soul + The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer


Belonging by Toko-pa Turner


Unbinding by Kathleen Dowling Singh


Vibrate Higher Daily by Lalah Delia

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Power vs Force - David R. Hawkins

Dispelling Wetiko - Paul Levy


move energy. move your body. move your soul.

The Class

Womb Healing Ceremony: Liana Shanti

Inner Child Meditation: John Bradshaw


some of my favourite soul-nourishing things especially helpful as you move through deep healing

Coconut Water + water + lemon juice


Oil of Oregano (daily immunity booster)


Tulsi Tea - Sweet Rose


Bee Keepers Naturals: B-Powered Superfood Honey (I love this by the teaspoon or added to my Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea)


Natural Calm - Magnesium

Selenite crystal (under your pillow to support rest)


Earthing: place feet on grass or dirt to connect with Mama Earth, and take some deep breaths

Green Juice - cucumber, kale + celery with lemon + Tropeaka Superfood Greens + D

Vitamin D3


Vitamin C Powder in Water (non GMO)

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