Unbind + Empower

Unbind + Empower

A digital course to support you to unbind + empower yourself.


Taking ownership of our emotions, reactions and triggers leads us to continually invest in our own growth. Through radical responsibility we can become more confident, authentic, compassionate, understanding, firmer in our personal boundaries, and truly begin to create a life of our own design without worrying about how others feel about it.


What you might be experiencing:

  • feeling insecure
  • stuck in repeating negative patterns (thoughts and actions)
  • disconnected from self anxious, shameful, fragmented and guilty lonely - even in close relationships
  • addicted to seeking love and validation from others while never receiving enough
  • afraid to be fully yourself
  • saying yes when you want to say no (people pleasing)
  • holding back out of fear of what others might think of you or your decisions
  • you let what someone says alter your reality or allow you to question yourself
  • you hold back from expressing your feelings for fear of judgement or rejection
  • you've lost sight of who you really are and what you truly want
  • you crave confidence, security, and acceptance


Throughout this 3 part course you’re going to learn:

  • The concept of radical responsibility and how to take it
  • Ownership over emotions, reactions, and actions to create empowerment
  • To take back your personal power through these concepts and practices
  • Let go of conditioned habits and patterns that keep you stuck
  • How our life is affected without having awareness of our response-ability
  • The deepest value you possess as an individual and how to use it in your day to day life to create joy and passion
  • How practicing this in your life results in less guilt, shame and blame
  • Uncover your shadow aspects/unloved parts and bring acceptance to them
  • Belonging to self: how to create belonging within
  • How to shift your thoughts in order to create new feelings
  • The Model by Brooke Castillo
  • Practices to release negative/stuck/harmful emotions from the body (also great for calming the nervous system and regulating reactions/anxiety)
  • Reconnect to your self worth through an energy healing practice
  • Reclaiming all your fragmented parts and coming back into wholeness so you can live authentically


Included in this course:

- Course Guide

- 3 digital audio sessions

- journal prompts + homework

- Additonal resources to support you in these areas


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