Sovereignty + Agency

Sovereignty + Agency

A digital course to support you in practicing setting boundaries + accessing your personal power.
Boundaries are clear lines of personal limits. They often come with a whole lot of behaviour patterns when not clearly defined. 
Why they’re important:
They drain our energy - we spend so much time being physically and emotionally drained by circumstances and people (emotional labouring, complaining)
They contribute to inauthenticity: we show up and aren’t ourselves fully, we fake it, we complain, we resent and spend a ton of time being dishonest, out of integrity and manipulative 
They are subconsciously affirming our worth - we are less important or our feelings are less important than X or Y
Not having them does not contribute to our joy or happiness and actually increases resentment of self and others, frustration, stress, overwhelm and lack of patience

All of these habit patterns cause side effects over time and can often lead to feeling:
- Insecure and second guessing everything 
- Longing to belong (because we aren’t practicing belonging to ourself)
- Stuck in repeating negative patterns (thoughts and actions)
- Energy drain = less patience and energy to give where it’s important
- Disconnected from self (don’t know what you really want etc)
- Anxious, resentful, guilty, inauthentic
- Addicted to people pleasing (self worth wound on blast)
- Afraid to be fully yourself (not being accepted/rejected) 

Signs you need to firm up your boundaries:
- You fail to speak up when you’re treated badly
- You give away too much of your time
- You agree with a person when you actually feel like disagreeing
- You say “yes” to a person when you want to say “no” 
- You feel guilty for dedicating time to yourself
- You feel taken for granted by others
- You permit people to touch you when you feel uncomfortable or want them to stop
- You have toxic relationships (i.e. you are always giving, and the other is always taking)
- You make too many grand sacrifices for others at your own expense
- You are passive aggressive and might have manipulative tendencies (as a way of trying to regain your lost power) 
- You constantly feel like the victim
- You feel like you have to “earn” respect by being nice
- You over-share details about your life with others - You feel guilty when others aren’t happy (as if you’re responsible)
- You are what other people want/need you to be, and not who YOU need to be
- You’re out of touch with your needs
- You attract people who try to control or dominate you
- You have chronic fear about what others think of you

Throughout this 3 part course you’re going to learn:
- What boundaries are
- Why they’re important
- How lacking them can affect our life
- The basic rights around boundaries for all humans
- Types of boundaries
- How to identify our personal values in order to create boundaries where necessary
- The link between self-worth and boundaries
- The link between triggers and boundaries 
- A practice to help identify what is a YES and what is a NO in your body
- What to do when your boundaries are challenged
- How to communicate your boundaries effectively and calmly with friends, family/in-laws, and ex’s (that you child-share with)
- To define your personal boundaries, how to communicate them, and maintain/keep them firmly and lovingly
Included in this course:
- Course Guide
- 3 digital audio sessions
- journal prompts + homework
- Additional resources to support you in these areas
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