Private Mentoring Community

Join Riley's private mentoring community to connect with like-minded individuals working on bettering themselves and raising their consciousness.

This is a confidential community to receive safe support, connection, resources like books, podcasts, meditations, as well as practices for everyday, teachings on self acceptance, confidence, sovereignty, working with inner children + doing shadow work, and so much more. Riley will also share basic guidance to working with the cosmos (working with the moon, cleansing + releasing, crystals), and find daily inspiration! Come in as often as you please, and set your calendar for a weekly LIVE Q+A chat where you can ask Riley any questions you may have!


This community is for you if:

- You have been reading and listening to podcasts (doing all the things) but want deeper support and guidance

- You have interest in working with a coach or mentor but want to know what it's like first

- You have worked with Riley previously and want ongoing community + support

- You're struggling to know where to start or how to feel better

- You feel alone or that you don't have safe support but crave it

- You're moving through a transition + need guidance

- You're moving through a transition + feel confused about who you are, lost and/or disconnected

- You're a mom + want emotional intelligence building practices + support

- You feel anxious, overwhelmed, confused, alone, like the same stuff comes up over and over, stuck


Monthly Subscription includes:

Private mentoring community access

Live Q+A each week for an hour with Riley

Resources, practices, meditations, teachings, and inspiration

Connection, safe support + community to grow and create a life of your own design


How it works:

- Purchase subscription

- A digital file will download with instructions on how to enter the group, maintain your subscription etc

- Cancel anytime before the 25th of each month to stop subscription renewal for the following month



    Riley Lawson, explicitly states that while serving in the role of coach and mentor, I am not, nor am I holding myself out to be, a lawyer, psychologist, licensed medical professional, therapist, counsellor, certified coach or any other kind of position in any way at any time before, during or after your program. Nothing contained in any of my programs or offerings are intended to be a substitute to other personal development tools and services you may need.

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