Inner Child Series

As kid's we interpret our environment quite literally - we don't have the cognitive development to discern or analyze. Because of this, much of the behaviour modeled to us through our caregivers (or lack thereof) as well as our experiences, are interpreted as truth and solidify in our subconscious. This happens with good and not so good things.When we get into adulthood, our behaviour and often our emotions are dictated by these inner child "rules" the subconscious formed to keep us safe. This ranges from keeping us safe from rejection all the way to safe from abuse (emotional, physical or mental).


We have to dig into those experiences, understand the impacts those learned things have had, how they're showing up in our adult life and how they're holding us back from being able to be fully ourself. The process of working to help those "inner children" feel safe is called reparenting.When we reconnect with these fragmented pieces, and help them feel safe, secure, + loved our perception of life as well as our ability to flow with it drastically changes. For some, it's a way to experience freedom of self for the first time in their life.


Without reparenting these inner children aspects of the self, we can feel:

  • unsure of true selffeeling lost and/or stuck
  • anxious
  • insecure
  • nervous to be true self for fear of rejection (often by family but also in general)
  • distant + disconnected
  • need to control (or the habit to do so)
  • shame and/or guilt
  • fear of own empowerment (which can cause self-sabotage)
  • difficulties with boundaries
  • difficulty in relationships
  • care taking of others (but not self)
  • hold resentment, anger, pain toward people, family, experiences
  • overwhelmed as to where to start


With Reparenting + Integration:

  • Conscious behaviour + choices
    • We don't know where choices exist until we bring in consciousness/awareness
    • when we don't know that we have choices, we feel stuck
  • Increased internal safety which reconnects you to your true or Higher Self
  • Confidence
  • Calm + connected to self
    • And a deeper ability to connect to other in an authentic way
  • Conscious of the importance of self-care + true, deep nurture of self in order to show up for the people you care about.
    • without shame or feeling "selfish"
  • Open, honest communication
  • Disconnect from fears holding you back
  • Over time, learn to not take things personally/feel triggered or reactive to experiences
  • Set + maintain healthy boundaries because you KNOW your worth + value
  • Let go of shame, blame, guilt + resentment as you free the energy
  • Embrace yourself + feel truly empowered to live boldly + confidently


Join Riley for this powerful combination of awareness + integration where you will open up to a deep level of understanding of why you are the way you are, why you behave in certain ways, exactly what's been holding you back so that you can come back to compassion for self through reparenting of these unloved, inner children pieces of your soul. You can also re-use the integrations over + over for different memories or experiences that come up.


part 1 (60 min session + Q+A) Thursday July 2nd, 7:30pm SK time

Age 0-3: Cognitive abilities + Integration

Gain awareness on how we experience things at this age, the basic needs every child needs met and the impacts of not having those things. Energetic integration to bring back the fragmented inner child.


part 2 (60 min session + Q+A) Thursday July 9th 7:30pm SK time

Age 4-7: Rules and Beliefs + Integration

In this session you will learn how these subconscious rules are formed, how they affect our beliefs and why they are the gatekeepers to our upper limits (aka block us from full potential and deep joy). Energetic integration to bring back the fragmented inner child.


part 3 (60 min session + Q+A) Thursday July 16th 7:30pm SK time

Age 8-12: Experiences and Behaviour + Integration

In this final piece, we're going to learn exactly how our experiences have formed our behaviour as adults, all the ways we can be impacted, and how deeply it's prevented us from fully living. Energetic integration to bring back the fragmented inner child.


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