Free Highest Self Mini Workshop

Free Highest Self Mini Workshop

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Join Riley for this free mini workshop where she'll be teaching one of the key components in connecting to your Highest Self. This self is your truest, most deep rooted soul self - not something you create or become, but rather a truth you unearth. We've become barried beneath fears, beliefs, societal + familial conditioning, and habit patterns for so long, it's easy to feel a sense of disconnect internally. This disconnect can leave us feeling confused, a sense of unrest inside, caught in regret, shame or blame, out of integrity to our true path, and overall like we lack purpose.


In this free workshop you will learn:

  • what's truly not working for you right now
  • the past + present situation that are really causing you pain
  • how to identify the ways you want to FEEL in your life
  • how to create a life of your own design using those feelings as the foundation
  • what it means to connect to your Highest Self, why it's important and the next steps post workshop you'll need to take to continue unbinding from your habit patterns


A few notes:

This is a workshop, so we will be doing work! Please have a notebook/paper and a pen with you, and be somewhere you won't be interrupted or distracted.



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