Guide Bundle: Breathwork, Procrastination + Indecision

Guide Bundle: Breathwork, Procrastination + Indecision

This guide bundle is packed full of information and practices for you to move out of indecision, procrastination, anxiety, fear and inauthenticity. 


This bundle includes:

GUIDE 1: Breathwork techniques to feel more calm + grounded

Learn new ways to support your mental, emotional and physical body through breath to calm anxious feelings, nerves, and bring you back into the present moment. Use these daily, forever.


GUIDE 2: What to do when you feel indecisive
What's really going on and how to tune back in so you can make authentic and aligned decisions from a place of empowerment and confidence moving forward. Practices in this guide are focused on connecting to the centre of your fool-proof decision-maker.


GUIDE 3: How to move past procrastinating

Implement the elements in this guide to stop putting things off, create more focus and presence, and eliminate stress, overwhelm, anxiety and pressure. We also touch on how to create motivation (it's not what you think it is!) so that you can stop leaving things to the last minute and increase your self trust and confidence.


Upon purchasing you will receive a downloadable file containing all guides. We recommend saving these to your phone or computer so you can reference them often.



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