My life now looks a lot different than it used to. Many know my background hasn't always been in coaching and in fact, existed in fashion for almost a decade. I went to school for fashion design in Vancouver BC, and returned to Regina post graduation to begin my career. I worked at a local boutique as a buyer and in store while I designed in my spare time, became involved in our local Fashion Week and even started doing more fashion styling with local photographers. Through those experiences I realized I had a love of putting together outfits and shifted my focus away from design and into helping people discover their style. I always explained that I helped people similar to that old show What Not to Wear - and I had learned to do this through a course I took along the way. I stayed in that world of style coaching and fashion styling for 6 years doing everything from private styling with clients, styling jobs for corporate and commercial clients, and public presentations. 

I loved this life for a very long time!

I realized that most of what I ended up helping women with throughout the years was finding the ability to feel confident. The more I realized this, the deeper my curiosity became. I couldn't stop thinking about why so many women didn't feel confident or beautiful or weren't able to recognize their true value. 

Then I realized something - I too desired those things. To the outside world it may have seemed as though I had it allllllll together but inside I was a mess. I was constantly caught up in negative self talk, was unable to be in the present because I was too busy worrying about the future or ruminating over the past and I battled anxiety in silence pretty much on a daily basis. I kept having failed relationship after failed relationship and felt like I was never going to find love or be married. Nothing I did was good enough, I couldn't accept compliments and no amount of love or affection from others ever made me feel full up. Then the universe stepped in and said "here you go girl - we are redirecting you". I experienced a hard breakup that left me with no home, no income, a cat and a dog and a bruised heart.


That part of my journey was the catalyst to identifying that in picking up the pieces of my life, I could choose what I wanted to pick up and what I wanted to leave behind. Then I asked myself: what do I want to leave behind? I started reading, listening to podcasts, subscribing to emails and following others (who later became mentors and coaches for me!) and absorbed as much information on personal development as possible. But I still wasn't aligned or living my purpose so once again, the beautiful universe lovingly redirected me. I had started a business with two others only to leave less than a year in. If you would have asked me at the time, it was because I wasn't happy with the direction of the business and that we wanted different things. But I now know, that it was because I did not believe in myself or that I was worthy of having success. So I bailed - ultimately bailing on myself. Except that, as always, it as exactly what I needed to never do that again.


I have been on a journey since then to discover my truest and deepest passions, do work to uncover and heal my own wounds and genuinely step into the life I am meant to live. During this process of working with coaches and mentors I began to dig into my emotions, my past, and what makes me do and feel the things I do. I kept wondering “why am I like this” and constantly feeling like I was missing something or kept going through the same things that just looked a little different. 

Throughout my personal work I began to witness radical changes in my life - the more I got curious and opened up to learning about my emotions and behaviours, the more I started to accept myself. The deeper I dove into understanding myself, the more compassion I was able to bring toward myself and ultimately to others. As I reclaimed parts of myself that I had fragmented over my life, I started to feel like it was okay to just be me. I learned to let go of constantly worrying about what others thought about me, or feeling nervous that if I was myself that I would be rejected or judged. I slowly stopped feeling scared to be myself.

As I worked with my mentors to let go of the “false” sense of self I had spent pretty much my entire life curating, I felt like I was unraveling. Like I had NO clue who I was, what I wanted to do or how to figure it out. Don’t get me wrong, I mourned the death of this “false self” - she and I had a close relationship for close to 30 years! But she wasn’t me. She was the me that kept small out of fear, felt like she didn’t belong, felt like heartbreak and hardship just kept happening TO her, like she had to be different versions of herself depending on who she was around, felt anxiety almost every day, stopped sharing her soul because she was so afraid to be judged, felt like there was never enough money or that she could never be one of those “well off” people - that was just for others who were lucky, she judged everyone around her, and overall lived in a lack mindset that limited everything she experienced.

Even through those feelings, something in me just kept encouraging me to keep going - keep doing the work, keep digging and keep moving through layer by layer. I just knew that on the other side was exactly what I was craving. On the other side was my Higher Self.

Then something magical happened - I started to feel empowered. I started to feel an inner strength, and a knowing that I was, for the first time, experiencing true self-acceptance. This changed everything.

I have many teachers and always will. I learned through a business coach in multiple group, individual and mastermind programs. I worked with a subconscious energy coach on brain integration and emotional intelligence. I continue to learn from incredible spiritual guides, teachers, and energy mentors to tune into more of my gifts in working with energy, music, and soul medicine.


I found courage through self acceptance. 

I found sovereignty through taking ownership over myself and my life. 

I found true passion and soul purpose through connecting to myself.

I found freedom in letting go of beliefs and thoughts that held me back for a long time.

I truly discovered MYSELF. 

So here I am - guiding others on the road to self discovery; to give the incredible gift of courage, sovereignty, passion and freedom to themselves. I couldn't feel more grateful and blessed.

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