My name is Riley and I’m grateful that you found your way here.


I have yet to land on a "title" that fits or feels representative of my path and what I offer, though I am a practicing Medicine Woman + Spiritual guide, as well as a consciousness coach. I work with energy medicine through ancient practices, share spiritual teachings, mentor you to rise up to your truest purpose + coach those who are seeking the path to consciousness. I teach you to heal mind, body and soul through reparenting, shadow work, mindset and energy practices. My intention is to empower you to be your own healer + live out your purpose.

Find courage through self acceptance. 

Find sovereignty through taking ownership over yourself and your life. 

Find true passion and soul purpose through connecting to your heart + soul.

Find freedom in letting go of beliefs and thoughts holding you back.

Truly discover YOUR HIGHEST SELF. 


I teach through concepts, wound + shadow work, and energy healing based on what I've learned throughout my personal journey, and I do this via a 5 piece framework. I share these teachings in my group coaching programs, private coaching and digital courses. 


If you’re here and you’re reading this, you’re meant to be here. Listen to the calls of your soul - they are NEVER wrong. Even when they don’t make sense, seem “logical” or you can come up with 1000 excuses to not. Your soul knows. It’s time to honour it. It’s time to step into your higher self.
















"Although it's tough, no one ever said it was going to be easy...but today I am celebrating the choices I have made, and my awareness of my choices. I am literally lighter in all the ways possible."

- Erica

"Riley is a true angel! She went above and beyond mentoring me through my own battles with anxiety and low self esteem. She helped me effectively reflect on everything I was currently struggling with and see things from a new perspective. Every call we had together was unique and tailored to my current thoughts. SO many things she spoke about resonated deeply with me, and my mindset has been much more positive. Riley has a gift for connecting with people and making them feel comfortable. I highly recommend her monthly program if you would like guidance with anxiety, self-esteem, confidence, healthy mindset, spirituality...Riley has so much compassion and wisdom to share, anyone would benefit from working with her."

- Dallas

“I feel such a strong connection to my highest self and so much confidence moving forward.”

— Megan

“I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me, and the knowledge you've given me to use for the rest of my life. I've never felt so good!”

— Kristin

"If you’re looking to dig in and start living a more conscious life Riley is your girl. She generously shares tools that have helped accelerate her own personal growth and she has a tremendous capacity to hold space for others allowing them to feel seen and heard. For some, this will be the first time (in a long time) that someone is able to hold space without judgement or attachment to any outcome. Most incredible feeling ever! 

I love how she takes the time to reach out and send resources that are applicable to each of her clients, she really does have them at the front of her mind and heart."

- Jasmine




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Riley Lawson, explicitly states that while serving in the role of coach and mentor, I am not, nor am I holding myself out to be, a lawyer, psychologist, licensed medical professional, therapist, counsellor, certified coach or any other kind of position in any way at any time before, during or after your program. Nothing contained in any of my programs or offerings are intended to be a substitute to other personal development tools and services you may need.

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